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Robert Downey Jr, if you are reading this, now you know the full story. 


Pop Culture Memory Lane: Paul Scheer Was a Friend of a Friend of Robert Downey Jr.

In this exclusive Vulture and UCB Comedy animated series, comedian Paul Scheer tells a story about meeting a very special friend of Robert Downey Jr’s, which later lands Scheer in trouble with Downey’s security team.  

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    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Poor Paul!!!!!! I’d throw myself off a building, legit. Just, flying karate kick off the highest...
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    These PCML videos that UCBComedy has been posting the past few days have been killing me. Peep their tumblr to see more,...
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    a dalek!
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    omfg this is so funny!
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    Matt Czap animated this. I directed it. A ton of other talented people helped too.
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    Wow, probably one of the best things I’ve seen today.
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