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It seems like no one likes these adverts. Some people think it still plays into white privilege (which is probably true) and everyone else (white people) seem to think it’s racist. This campaign makes white people feel uncomfortable about Whiteness and then gives us suggestions of what to do about it. It’s entering pretty radical territory and offering some guidance.

People need to be made to feel uncomfortable.

I love how white people seem to think it’s racist when, by definition, it’s not. This is some textbook Sociology 101 shit. White privilege is a real thing, reverse racism is not a real thing, and (this is the part where a lot of white people apparently need to be coddled) white privilege IS NOT YOUR FAULT, and it’s not some terrible irrevocable thing you personally have done to me, it’s just something to be aware of.



White privilege is real. Reverse racism is not.

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    Have you checked your privilege today?
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    Martin Luther King was a Republican so it’s really no surprise that it’s Republicans using his words to fight a racial...
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    "Lucky that people see us, not a color." "Lucky to be seen as the majority." "I am a white man. And you don’t see my...
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    Nothing wrong with these ads.
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    Seriously, SPEAK UP. Who gives a fuck? Tell them like it is.
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    White privilege is real. Reverse racism is not.
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